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Our Story

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The Start

On February 14, 1912, President Taft signed the proclamation making Arizona the 48th state. This brings us to today. At its conception, this project had no name but we knew it was meant to be much bigger than just a simple store. What grew into BOTTLESHOP48, became the home of premier craft beer and fine wine but more importantly a better way to live.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Bottleshop 48 is pretty simple: drink great beer, sip great wine, support local, and most importantly, take care of our community.
We believe that beer and wine have the unique ability to bring people together. It can be a catalyst for community building, friendship, understanding, and comradery. And at Bottleshop 48, that’s what we hope to foster every day. Through a welcoming and friendly environment, our staff strives to foster people’s love for craft beer, whether that be someone just getting into craft, or someone who has known and loved craft beer for years. Our selection is highly curated and changes constantly, so there is always something new to try. We are also on a mission to elevate and expand people’s wine drinking, and prove that you can get top notch wine without paying high end prices.
We believe that everyone, companies and individuals alike, are responsible for caring for the community. We live this value in many ways. From having a focus on local breweries and wineries, to supporting mutual aid and charitable efforts, to just fostering a sense of community and friendship in the bar, we are actively committed to being a positive influence in our area.
Lastly, we believe that beer and wine is for everyone. We are firmly committed to ensuring that our space is a space where everyone, regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, etc. will feel welcomed and valued.

Our Socials
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