Do you?

● take risks
● are willing to shun titles and personal financial success in the pursuit of the greater good
● pursue the long shot
● have respect for diversity
● are never satisfied to rest on past laurels
● work hard
● are driven to succeed in their chosen field
● ignore the accepted patterns and blaze your own trails
● have raw talent and focus on that talent
● are honest with yourself and others
● are a rebel
● have one foot in reality to let yourself get the job done, but you are, nonetheless, led by your dreams

We have jobs – some existing, some new, for hard core employables. We do not plan, budget, forecast, or waste time on getting bigger.
We only wish to get better. You will be interviewed by a decision maker. Ties are not recommended for the interview, nor slacks or jackets, all of which
are banned by our dress code – or would be if we had one. The following are banned words: great, excited, end­ of­ day, execute, throw down, great
question, may I say something, may I ask a question, devil’s advocate, on one hand, in the long
term, depends, synergy, build brand awareness, dude, Oh my god, spaced it, 24/7, close the loop,
working on, ball in my court, on my radar, proactive, dear, reach out, same page, brain storming,
in progress, behind the eight­ball, and others to follow…

Do not be offended if you do not get a formal letter in response to your application. If we received it, it will be read and given consideration.
Please review our website, prior to application and interview.
These are mostly new positions – we have no HR department so may not have the answers you think we should have as a business.
That’s because we are not, we are a revolution.

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