The Start

On February 14, 1912, President Taft signed the proclamation making Arizona the 48th state. Which brings us to today. At its conception this project had no name but we knew it was meant to be much bigger than just a simple store. What grew into BOTTLESHOP48, became the home of premier craft beer and fine wine but more importantly a better way to live.

The Mission

By equipping staff to provide exceptional customer service that expands the customer’s understanding, passion, and enjoyment of craft beer and fine wine. To always remember it’s not a matter of profit but the enjoyment of the best of the best. To be better than I was yesterday and drink better too! To be dedicated to the “Way of the 48”!

Bottleshop48 Principles

  • Pursue a strong future
  • Be honest with yourself and others
  • Keep it simple
  • Seek to be uncommon
  • Be engaged in the right battles
  • Be genuine

Utilizing the above principles and behaviors is what pushes us and perfects us in
every aspect of BOTTLESHOP48’s operations. This requires us to work with the best and, whether it’s beer, wine, water, or people. Our goal is that you will consider and adopt “the 48 way” in your life.

Owner Bio

I am a craft beer diehard. I want to explore the world’s landscape alongside exploring the world of beer.

I strive to be rounded in my community, nation, and internationally. I want to be challenged and sharpened by those around me. I believe marriage makes us stronger.
For me, my wife is my all. She sharpens me and inspires me to be better. To be more. To be strong. To be brave.

I grew up in Tempe, Arizona. No matter how far I travel, Tempe will always be home. I want to contribute to craft beer innovation. I want to pursue my dreams with an abandon that permits failures and mistakes, but picks myself back up and corrects my weaknesses and strives forward with better vision.
I want to use craft beer as a means to interject cultural learning and acceptance.
I enjoy Spanish, traveling, hunting, exploring wilderness, exploring other countries/cultures, Arizona Cardinals, Sun Devils for life! and relaxing drinking a beer.

I am Jordan and I live “ The way of the 48”